"Life is a journey, music is the gate to heaven..."



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New Album Adon Olam (Piano & Voice)

Aurelien David’s first album “Adon Olam” is an eclectic mix of pop ballad, influences from French Chansons and reinterpreted traditional Hebrew texts and melodies, accompanied by a piano arrangement inspired by classical composers.

The essence of the album is the reconciliation of oneness and duality of our worlds: the one we see and the one we sense, the one we believe to know and the one we are afraid of. Overcoming the boundaries between tradition and modernism, spirituality and physicality, one hundred faces in unity.



"Absolutely Brilliant"

-  CEO Alef Music

"Impressive, deep and Timeless"

-  Serafin Music

Aurelien David began playing the piano at the age of 7. He received a classical training with renowned international concert pianists and singers. He has successfully participated in numerous auditions and concerts.

At 16, the path was set for him to pursue a career as an artist, but he decided to study engineering, politics and business instead.


After completing his master's degree when he was 21, he began his successful international career. 7 years later, in 2012, he founded his own company for international development cooperation. Since then, he has been traveling around the world working for government institutions, helping to realize sustainable projects.


For a long time, he has been dreaming about reconnecting with his first passion by producing his own music. Inspired and surrounded by great people, he finally decided in 2018 to launch his own label and realize a project that is very personal and important to him, the album "Adon Olam".

His dream has come true...

When he is not on projects, Aurelien David lives between Frankfurt, Southern France and Tel Aviv preparing for his next recordings and a further music project for 2020 ;-)

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